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Welcome to Mighty Kitty Maine Coons

Hello and welcome to Mighty Kitty! We are Anna and Damian Pearson (and kitties), and are small hobby breeders of Maine Coons based in Buxton Derbyshire. All of our cats are raised lovingly in our home with our family and other animals. We welcome visits to our cattery as we like you to see the fantastic welfare standards we have for our kitties.

Here at Mighty Kitty Maine Coons we are one of the few specialist Maine Coon breeders to apply to be council registered. We have recently recieved a 4 star rating which is the highest rating a newly licensed business can achieve. It means we have passed the higher welfare standards needed to provide our cats with a fantastic quality of life.

We are also pleased to be only the 2nd Maine Coon breeder in the UK to achieve 'Responsible Breeder' status within the GCCF's new inspection system. We received no advisories which we are very proud of and can now display the 'responsible breeder' logo on our page. Our cattery was inspected by the GCCF and found to have excellent facilities and health records for the cats in our home. It demonstrates our commitment to a high welfare standard for our Maine Coon cats and an exemplary level of service to our customers.

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We are also pleased to announce that our cattery is registered with both Fife, the GCCF and now also with TICA.

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Why Choose A Mighty Kitty Maine Coon?

Cat Welfare is important to us

As a member of the GCCF Responsible Breeders scheme and also for licensing requirements it is important we have welfare, socialisation and enrichment programs in place to ensure the best life for our kitties.


We have multiple recognised qualifications in feline and animal care

We are proud to have achieved Level 3 qualifications in Animal Management, Feline care, first aid certification and Pawped training (an internationally recognised Feline Care course). These are not just '3 hour Groupon courses', they involve assessment/examinations and years of learning. We have used this knowledge to develop excellent welfare and enrichment plans and procedures for our Maine Coons - only the best for our kitties!


Our cats are fully DNA tested for genetic diseases

All of our cats at Mighty Kitty Maine Coons are individually genetically tested for hereditary diseases such as HCM, SMA and PKDef. Please be aware though, that some forms of HCM can not be tested for and our cats are echocardiographed once they are old enough to undergo the procedure.


Excellent Pedigree linage from Russian and European Lines

At Mighty Kitty we have sourced our cats from breeders with genetically sound and strong featured cats with the attributes we like - large ear tufts and bigger muzzles. We are only a small cattery so our cats are extremely well socialised.


You will be purchasing from a licensed, insured and regulated Maine Coon breeder

Here at Mighty Kitty we have worked hard to obtain our license and spare no expense on our animals. Our cats have two great catios, amazing wall climbing equipment, a cazumi cat wheel, litter robots and all the mod cons! They have regular health checks (which are fully documented for licensing) and excellent enrichment and socialisation programs. Unlike a lot of other Maine Coon breeders we are fully licensed and insured.

We are here to help you and your kitten - We want you and your Mighty Kitty to live the best life possible! When purchasing a Mighty Kitty's kitten we provide a comprehensive manual on do's and don'ts, plus advice and support and are here for you if you have any questions about your Maine Coon kitten. We offer lifetime support with all of our Maine Coon kittens.

Some Recent Client Testimonials



I had the best experience with Anne. She was so patient answering all my questions and helped me with everything I needed to settle my baby boy properly. I definitely recommend her.




They're absolutely wonderful people! Not only are they experts at what they do but it's so clear they truly love the animals they raise and care for. I could not recommend them highly enough!




I thoroughly recommend Mighty Kitty. Their knowledge and care of the kittens is excellent. They take care to ensure new owners are fully briefed on vaccinations, food and even preferred toys! Our kitten is a total bundle of joy.




Thank you again, love him to bits!                                                                                  


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